Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Kill City

Our good friends at Alive Natural Sound / Bomp are putting this out on Oct 19th.

I like what this album has to say.
It is rather high concept, and the music is well thought out.
It adheres to no particular genre.
A lot of people have borrowed its ideas.
It's one of the very first independent LPs I know of.
I hope you like it.


Kill City was by all measures a desperate effort, a singularly honest and heartfelt performance, a genuine progression of our song writing, and another in a long line of flops that were later resurrected and heralded as masterpieces.

By the time it was released as a record, both Iggy and I were off doing other things with our lives, but with this rerelease we are not only reunited in our musical endeavors but in our appreciation of this album, its remix, and its importance to us as artists.


Kill City is Iggy Pop and James Williamson’s often overlooked, yet ultimately essential album that musically bridges the gap between The Stooges’ volatile 1973 studio masterpiece Raw Power and Iggy’s first two magnificent solo efforts, The Idiot and Lust for Life. Originally recorded in 1975 and later released by Bomp! Records in '77, critics have long lauded the songs and performances on Kill City but have also regarded the overall sound as “sludgy.”

The sound quality of Kill City was compromised from the get-go, as it originally suffered from a bad pressing (on the infamous green vinyl), and over the years the quality of the record itself managed to get even worse. When the original distributor went out of business, the 2-track album production masters vanished and every subsequent pressing of the album - on record, cassette and CD - used a copy of that deficient green vinyl as its master.

Now 33 years later, Alive Naturalsound and Bomp! Records are co-releasing the long overdue restored, re-mixed and remastered version of this historically important record. James remixed the album with engineer Ed Cherney at Capitol Records in Hollywood, and as the guitarist states, "He just made this record sound, well, like it should have sounded all along. It has finally reached its full potential."

The October release of this album also follows Iggy & The Stooges' current world tour (featuring the reunited James Williamson on guitar), where they’ve been performing material from Kill City live for the first time.

Kill City will be available on October 19th as a CD Digipak featuring the original 1977 artwork and a 24-page booklet with rare and unseen photos. The vinyl first-run is a limited edition of 1,000 on clear green vinyl (as an homage to the original 1977 pressing). There are no bonus tracks, but, with this newly restored version, people will be able to discover, or re-discover, a truly great album as it was intended to sound.


1. Kill City
2. Sell Your Love
3. Beyond The Law
4. I Got Nothin'
5. Johanna
6. Night Theme
7. Night Theme (Reprise)
8. Consolation Prizes
9. No Sense Of Crime
10. Lucky Monkeys
11. Master Charge