Sunday, 18 October 2009

Simon J Alpin

Went down to The Gladstone last night to catch a short set from Simon J Alpin. Simon's known more as a very-respected sideman (Teenage Fanclub, Grand Drive) and producer (Kathleen Haskard) though for a period he was an integral part of Willard Grant Conspiracy. He was mainly playing songs from his 2007 album On The Wire. That's a record that still needs to be discovered properly though it did achieve Maverick's album of the month status. Sounding rather like Dan Penn backed by the Rolling Thunder Revue it has an easy rustic grace enhanced with a variety of instrumentation; Simon's lap steel. Josh Hillman's violin, viola, and saw, and a cello too. Robert Fisher, Caitlin Cary, Jess Klein, and the Wilson brothers add backing vocals at different junctures. Well worth chasing up.

Available through his MySpace.

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