Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Kid Congo Powers at the 100 Club

Sunday night was down to the 100 Club to see Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds. There was a touch of nostalgia involved - I'd used to run into Kid in the 80s in Gun Club and Bad Seeds days and I seem to recall us going to a Leonard Cohen show together. But I'd also heard the 2005 record Philosophy And Underwear and I'd read an excellent report of the Glasgow show.

It was a Dirty Water night with an undercard of The Crushers and King Salami and there was a fair old crowd with many familiar faces, and we all proceeded to have a jolly time. Kid and his band dress in mariachi suits and exude an appropriately sleazy glamour. The set kicked off with a definite tropical sway which didn't entirely transmit to the crowd; someone suggested to me the drums were plodding whereas it was more a case of an excellent rock drummer (Ron Miller) playing a little against his instincts.

For me pretty soon it was pretty good stuff. I'm intrigued to snag the new In The Red album Dracula Boots from which we heard songs like 'Hitchhiking'. There was a new song - possibly called 'My Other Life' and about Hollywood 1978 - to feature on one of series of five 7" singles projected for next year. Then a tribute to Lux Interior followed by 'I'm Cramped' and 'For The Love Of Ivy' along with a touch of 'Mother Earth'.

An excellent night and if you're in Europe plenty of time to catch the show as they're around till 20th December.

12.1 Stay Sick Club Brighton, UK
12.2 L'Alcatraz Roubaix, FR
12.3 L'Autre Club Nancy, FR
12.4 Queen Kong Neuchatel, FR
12.5 Hazelwood Studios Frankfurt, DE
12.6 Passenger Zu Zinc Besancon, FR
12.7 Deep Inside Dijon, FR
12.9 Le Chabada Angers, FR
12.10 LA2 (Primavera club fest) Barcelona, ES
12.11 Barreiro Rocks Festival Lisbon, PT
12.12 Wurlitzer Ballroom (Primavera Club fest) Madrid, ES
12.13 Le Rendemains qui chantent Tulle, FR
12.15 La Boule Noire Paris, FR
12.16 UBU Rennes, FR
12.17 L'Abordage Evreux, FR
12.18 La Nef Angouleme, FR
12.19 La TAF Montpellier, FR
12.20 Electric Christmas Gigors, FR

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