Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tapestry Festival - Sunday 4th July - One-dayer

There are tickets still available to the splendid Tapestry Festival held this year at Shenley. A one-dayeron this coming Sunday at the lovely Shenley Park, a walled garden in the Hertfordshire countryside.Formerly the Shenley Mental Institution the garden was where the staff and patients grew the food for the kitchens. In the 90s it was landscaped and terraced with great care by the current  occupiers the Shenley Trust.
The Magic Numbers
in ferociously rockin’ live form at the moment will be coming straight from the previous night's gig supporting Dylan at Hop Farm

The Jim Jones Revue
an absolute knuckle sandwich of a band, described in this April's Mojo as ‘the best rock’n’roll band on
the planet‘ sound like Little Richard jamming with the MC5, guaranteed to blow your ears off 

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Tapestry regulars virtually since birth still far too young to be this good 

The Trembling Bells
comparisons to the Fairports and Pentangle don’t tell the whole story, beautiful stuff from Scotland. The legendary Joe Boyd's favourite new band 

Zun Zun Egui
unbelievably difficult to describe, there are elements of Latin and Afro-beat in the mix they’re brilliant live, best show Tapestry saw in 2008,  been trying to book 'em ever since

Pretenders guitarist James Walbourne's new trio with brother Rob and mate
Carwyn. very soulful rock‘n’blues 

The Blacklist
great young St Albans band recent winners of Horn Of Plenty battle of the bands

Booze, food and other things:

Scotty and Raz from the Betsey Trotwood promise a good selection of ales at pub prices in their proper canvas beer tent. Also Hemel Hempstead brass band,  south Turkish cuisine and alternative press comic fair.
Tickets£35 (+ booking fee)
Buy here 

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