Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What's Cookin' quits The Sheep Walk - last shows this week

News from Stephen Ferguson aka Rambler that he and Ali are packing up gigs at The Sheep Walk in Leytonstone from the end of this week. Nobody can begrudge them a rest after nearly eight years of putting on two or three shows a week of consistent quality - but nobody can deny they'll be sadly missed. Here's Steve's bulletin:

Some sad news, and pay attention to this. We've decided to call it a day at The Sheep Walk. Why? Well, quite simply because we're knackered. I think that about sums it up. We've decided to have a good old rest. We told Joe & Helena (the guvnors at the Sheep Dip) Friday night after The Answer show, so tha'ts that. It's gonna be cheerio to our lovely old room upstairs. But hey, chin up, because we still have two shows left, and I tell ya what, we're gonna party like there's no tomorrow. This Wed 28th July we'll have tons & tons of great people, and on Sat 31st July it's The Fabulous Penetrators/Cowbell/Son of Buff (what a way to say cheerio!). So come on, stop crying into yer beer, and make sure ya come along and help us celebrate seven (!!!) fantastic years of pots & pans rattling rock'n'roll in the kitchen!    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE GREAT NIGHTS!  

Wednesday 28th July

The Lucky Strikes / Alan Tyler / Dave Desmelik & so much more!  @ The Sheep Walk

Its our last EVER Wednesay night at the Sheep Dip. We did have United Stoats of America booked in, but they've had to cancel. So instead I'm taking the opportunity to line up a great night of music to celebrate our last ever Wednesday night in the kitchen. All I can say at the moment is we'll have the awesomely fantastic delta blues of The Lucky Strikes, country legend Alan Tyler, and from North Carolina, Dave Desmelik, who has established himself as an accomplished and rising singer/songwriter with influences from country to bluegrass to blues to rock n' roll. And tons of other people have been asked, so who knows might turn up! Get yerselves down and give yerselves a big round of applause, because you people made it what it is, or should I say...sniff...was!

Saturday 31st July

The Fabulous Penetrators / Cowbell / Sons of Buff   @ The Sheep Walk

We're outta here with a BANG!

The Fabulous Penetrators are a group whose reputation precedes them! They play ultra good time garage rock’n’roll, wear matching outfits and give a full-on show, not just a performance. Imagine Hound Dog Taylor and Bo Diddley having a good old medieval jousting session with their gee-tars to the voice of the rotting corpse of John Lennon, with the drummer from Slayer just having heard Little Richard for the first time. They're gonna be 'fresh' from the Secret Garden Party and warming-up for Standon Calling. AND, at last their debut album is out! Called With Love, its released on Stag-O-Lee Records, and comes in CD, downloads, and gatefold vinyl (oh joy). They're gonna be bringing us to a close, and in their own words..."we return to What’s Cookin’ for their last gig of the summer and we are gonna finish with a bang! Lots of Bang! Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!" You get the idea!...one of our favourite favourite favourite bands...EVER! Oh dear, you may wanna be there!

Our favourite boy/girl-guitar/drums duo, Cowbell, continue to go from strength to strength with the release of their debut EP 'Oh Girl' getting played on the nations airwaves and signing to Too Pure Records. Sexy soulful & funky rock'n'roll. 

The Son of Buff is Lance Cusack's LOUD garage rock'n'roll duo. We normally get the lovely songwriter stuff from Lance, but not tonight. It's our last show so it's all raucous folks! 

What's Cookin' 
@ The Sheep Walk, 692 High Road Leytonstone E11 3AA
Tube: Leytonstone (Central Line)
Doors: 8.30pm 
FREE! (with a voluntary whip-round)   
Tele: 020 8556 1131

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