Friday, 1 October 2010

New Chris Wilson album - Love Over Money

Chris Wilson's new CD has just been released on the French indie label Rock Paradise Records.

Chris and Anthony Clark have carried on their collaboration initiated with Second Life. Here the impressive guest list will trigger the interest of any Groovies fan: Robin Wills (Barracudas), Roy Loney, James Ferrell, George Alexander, Mike Wilhelm, Larry Lea and Matthew Fisher (Procol Harum). Close to a Flamin' Groovies reunion indeed. The production is immaculate and the songs come out really clear. 'Way Too Fast' starts the album as a perfect power pop song where Robin Wills and Anthony Clark are duelling on guitars. Next number 'Can't Let Go' reminds me of Moby Grape and George Alexander puts on a country rock touch playing the harmonica. Mike Wilhelm does a terrific job on 'Bad Dreams', the guy really knows his guitar licks. The real gem must be 'Gambling Man'. From the start one recognises the mighty guitar sound of James Ferrell, wow !, Roy and Larry are backing up Chris on vocals on what sounds like a rockin' lost song from the Teenage Head sessions, awesome! Matthew Fisher's Hammond organ intro on 'Fading Away' got me immediate goosebumps at first hearing and he managed to match incredibly well Chris' singing. There are many other great songs which I will leave to your curiosity.

Listening to the emotional lyrics of Bad Dreams', 'Cold Dark Night', 'Semaphore Signals' or 'Love Over Money' , one realizes that this album is all about that in those crisis times, Love Over Money, love wins over dough.

It is available on the Rock Paradise website

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guitarsmith said...

il parait qu'il est carrement super le Chris ne l'ai toujours pas ecoute mais il a eu bonne