Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 - The Band Roll

Bands your editor saw in 2009. The final grisly toll of the damned

Band Roll – 2009

15th Jan – Damon & Naomi, Left Outsides
16th Jan – Wildebeests
22nd Jan – Judy Collins, Eric Andersen, Carolyn Hester, Roger McGuinn
23rd Jan – Easy Come Night – Jason McNiff, Ben Thomas, The Lorcas, Dexter Bentley
25th Jan – Ugly Guys
29th Jan – Chris Cacavas. Tailors, Treecreeper
30th Jan – Jeremy Gluck & the Yohawks, Sextress, the Spivs
1st Feb – The Coal Porters
7th Feb – Angie Boxall, Tailors, Emily Barker
8th Feb – James McMurtry Jon Dee Graham
12th Feb – Quiet Loner, Dan Raza
14th Feb – The Rosinators
19th Feb – Benjamin Thomas, Savage Nomads
21st Feb – Onions, Foghorn Leghorn, Moon Music Orchestra, The See See, Danny & The Champs, Magic Numbers (Winterlude)
26th Feb – Instant Flight, James MacArthur
27th Feb – Boycott Coca-Cola Experience, Vic Goddard & The Subway Sect
28th Feb – Ben Thomas, Jason McNiff, Andy Hankdog, Trent Miller, The Lorcas
1st March – The Bleach, The Trophy Husbands
7th March – Norton Money, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Charnock & Russell
8th March – Alan Tyler, Jack Day, Ange & The Wagon Band, The Travelling Band
14th March – Al Perkins, B J Cole, Two Fingers Of Firewater, (Steelin’ Aint A Crime)
21st March – Benjamin Thomas, Grantura
24rd March – The Lorcas, Jason Walker, Benjamin Thomas, Eddie Johns, Quiet Loner, Dan Raza
28th March – Bob Dylan
2nd April – The Mekons, De Rosa
4th April – The Rockingbirds
5th April – John Miller & His Country Casuals
13th April – Will Treecreeper, The Henry Brothers, William Elliott Whitmore
14th April – Redlands Palomino Co. The Rockingbirds
18th April – King Salami and The Cumberland Three, The Rosinators
19th April – Princes In The Tower, Emily Barker (Wenstock)
23rd April – Emma Tricca, Colorama
24th April – Jeremy Gluck & The Yohawks, Marc Jeffrey & Jon Klein
25th April – Mary Epworth and the Jubilee Band, Emma Tricca, The Moon Music Orchestra, Dan Raza, The See See, Danny & The Champs, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou
26th April – Bob Dylan
30th April – Alejandro Escovedo
2nd May – Dan Raza, Ben Folke Thomas, Monroe's Revenge
3rd May – Spring Park Motel, Thomas Bailey
7th May – Chris Mills, Case Hardin, Liam Dullaghan
8th May – Ben Folke Thomas, Moon Music Orchestra
9th May – Ben Folke Thomas, Rachel Harrington
14th May – Eileen Rose & The Holy Wreck
19th May – Dave Rave, The Plastic Heroes, Dead Cigarettes
24th May – The Wolf People, Mac Macleod
28th May - Yngve and The Innocent, Ben Folke Thomas
31st May - Alan Tyler and the Lost Sons
2nd June – John Wesley Harding, Amy Speace
6th June – John Wesley Harding
14th June – Will Scott, Hungry Dog Brand
17th June – Ghost Town Showdown, Quiet Loner, Blazin’ Zoos, Midsensations, Graham Larkbey, Henry Brothers, Dan Raza, Smokey Angle Shades
19th June – Ornette Coleman. Master Musicians Of Joujouka, Patti Smith
21st June – Florence Joelle, Emma Tricca, Jason McNiff, Quiet Loner
25th June – Wolf People
26th June – Pretenders, Ben Harper, Seasick Steve, Ben Harper, Fleet Foxes, Magic Numbers, Neil Young (Paul McCartney)
27th June – John Crampton, Simon Onions
1st July – Big Star
4th July - The Benny Andersson Band, Tommy Körberg, The Swingle Singers, Miss Li
8th July – Southern Tenant Folk Union, Jim Byrne
10th July - Paulo Nutini, Marina & The Diamonds
11th July - King Salami and The Cumberland Three, Princes In The Tower, Wolf People
16th July – Barry Melton, Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee
18th July – Fairport Convention
19thJuly - Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee, The Snakes, The Loving Cup, The Coal Porters, Little George
25th July – Sailorette, Pete Thompson, Jason McNiff
28th July – Rodney Crowell, The Flatlanders
2nd Aug – Emma Scarr, Slim’s Cider Company
13th Aug – Bermondsey Joyriders, Johnny Throttle
15th Aug – Lucky Strikes
20th Aug – Roky Erickson
22nd Aug – Snakes, Anna Page
1st Sept – Joe Hurley
5th Sept – Loose Salute, McNiff, Hankdog & Wilson, Cusack
6th Sept – The Jailbirds, Ben Folke Thomas
10th Sept – Alan Tyler, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Pete Greenwood, Tom Huddleston, Jason McNiff
11/12/13 Sept - The Duke & The King, Emily Barker, Euros Childs, Herman Dune, Explosions In The Sky
Darren Hayman, The Low Anthem, The Broken Family Band, Beth Jeans Houghton, Okkervil River, Fleet Foxes, Josh T Pearson, The Travelling Band
Bob Log III, Okkervil River, Magnolia Electric Co. Steve Earle, Neko Case,
Richmond Fontaine, The Hold Steady, Archie Bronson
16th Sept – Hungry Dog, Onions, Ellen Mary McGhee, Bob Rafkin, Sweet Innocence, Suzy Almond, AJ Dehany, Glassglue
18th Sept – The Duke & The King, Willard Grant Conspiracy
30th Sept – Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2nd Oct – Mott The Hoople
17th Oct – Jamie Clarke, Simon J Alpin
21st Oct – The Broken Family Band
24th Oct - Samson & Delilah, Trent Miller, Ben Folke Thomas
25th Oct – Alan Tyler, Turnstyle Junkpile, Cusack, Onions, Walking Wounded
27th Oct – Greencorn Plantation, The Annullments, Smokey Angle Shades
29th Oct – Christopher Rees, Trent Miller
31st Oct - Trent Miller, Ben Folke Thomas
6th Nov – Spring Park Motel, Easter Sun, Plastic Pals
7th Nov - Ben Folke Thomas, Instant Flight, Plastic Pals
8th Nov – The Louche
9th Nov – Jim Jones Revue
10th Nov – Harrisburg, Dan Sandman, Ben Folke Thomas, Songdog, Jason McNiff
12th Nov – Ange Boxall, Ben Folke Thomas
18th Nov – Joe Plug, Low Anthem
20st Nov – Sunbirds, The R G Morrison, Hankdogs, Ben Folke Thomas, Danny & The Champs
21st Nov – Emily C. Smith, Ben Folke Thomas, Quiet Loner, Hankdogs, The Jolenes, Velvet Underpants
22nd Nov – The Duke & The King
26th Nov – Alan Tyler, Ben Folke Thomas
29th Nov – Kid Congo Powers and The Pink Monkey Birds, The Crushers, King Salami and The Cumberland Three
6th Dec - Ben Folke Thomas, Redlands Palomino Company
10th Dec - Ben Folke Thomas, Angie Boxall
15th Dec – Wolf People, Kurt Vile & The Violaters
16th Dec – Josh T Pearson, Joe Gideon & The Shark
18th Dec – Treecreeper, Moon Music Orchestra, Travelling Band, Danny & The Champs
19th Dec – The Jim Jones Revue


Jason said...

BFT wins hands down!

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Bob Dylan,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.