Friday, 15 January 2010

McCabe & Mrs. Miller - Victor Krummenacher and Alison Faith Levy

McCabe & Mrs. Miller is a collaboration between Victor Krummenacher (Camper Van Beethoven, Monks of Doom) and Alison Faith Levy (The Sippy Cups, The Loud Family). Having worked together on and off for many years, Alison and Victor have finally realized their dream of writing and performing as a duo. Although it seems an unlikely pairing, their voices blend together in the tradition of classic duets, and their songwriting styles mesh into a fine mix of blues, folk, and country. Digging at the roots of their rootlessness, these songs sweep out the dark corners of longing, regret and desire with the intimate wit and wisdom of old friends. Their debut album Time for Leaving is due March 9, 2010 (through Magnetic Motorworks) and was produced by Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club).

Time For Leaving is a broad, ambitious work that finds the San Francisco-based duo traveling across the rural backroads and steel rails of Americana music. Snaky blues numbers ("Fare Thee Well" and "Couldn't Sit Still") intertwine with bittersweet folk ballads ("Come Back Home To Me" and "Forgiveness"), two-step country ("Your Magic Fingers"), rootsy pop-rock ('Red Wine & Chocolate"), gentle acoustic instrumentals ("Union City Blues") and bawdy, backroom jazz ("Playground").

Between the touring schedules of both of their high-profile bands, they have found the time to perform with the likes of Cracker, Built to Spill and The Knitters. Their live show has evolved into a formidable, dramatic force. The band also includes Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven) on violin and mandolin, Doug Hilsinger on guitar, John Hanes on drums and Paul Olguin on bass.

McCabe & Mrs Miller - Fare Thee Well

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