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2010 - Band Roll

This year's lot - God bless then all

1st Jan – Johnny Throttle, Bermondsey Joyriders
4th Jan – Richard de Bastion, Benjamin Folke Thomas
7th Jan – Andy Hankdog, The Shattered Jew, Jason Collins, Benjamin Folke Thomas, Anton & Tobia
14th Jan – Danny & The Champs, Alan Tyler, (Romeo Stodart, Jason McNiff, Andy Hankdog, Ben Thomas)
15th Jan – Danny & The Champs, Yngve and The Innocent
21st Jan – Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas, Marcia Mello, Hattie Longfield, Tom McRae, Danny George Wilson, Andy Hankdog, Jason Collins
25th Jan – The Coal Porters
26th Jan – Sarah Jaffe, Midlake
28th Jan – The Kissaway Trail, Midlake
31st Jan – Cowbell, Little George Souref
2nd Feb – Wilko Johnson (Oil City Confidential)
6th Feb – Ben Folke Thomas, Ange & The Wagon Band
7th Feb – The Coal Porters
10th Feb – Trent Miller, Harrisburg, Ben Folke Thomas
12th Feb – The Hankdogs, Danny Wilson & David Rothon, This Is The Kit
16th Feb – Wolf People
18th Feb – Danny & The Champs, Fionn Regan
19th Feb – Jason McNiff, The Coal Porters
20th Feb – Darrell Bath & Mickey Kemp
26th Feb – Mary Epworth & The Jubilee Band, The Masonics
27th Feb – Ben Folke Thomas, Jack Day, Pepe Belmonte, Alan Tyler & Paul Lush, Dan Raza & Andy Hankdog
3rd March – Mark Mulholland
4th March - Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas, Old Kerry Mckee
6th March – Emit Bloch, Case Hardin
12th March - Band Of Outsiders
13th March - Irish Rock Review
14th March – Grada, Joe Hurley
15th March - The Cocktail Slippers, The Doughboys
16th March - Trembling Bells,
19th March - Nada Surf, John Train
20th March - John Wesley Harding
21st March - Kenn Kwedar
22nd March - George Usher
24th March - John Wesley Harding & Rick Moody
25th March – The Cabinet Of Wonders, John Wesley Harding, Freedy Johnson etc
2nd April - There Are More Of Us Than There Are Of You, Ben Folke Thomas
3rd April – Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive
4th April - Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive, The One Tree Hillbillies
5th April – Dolly & Rick, The Dog Roses, Chicken Shed Zeppelin, The Holloway Jug Band, Norton Money, Circulus, The Belles Of London, The Cedars
9th April – The Triffids, The Blackeyed Susans
10th April - The Blackeyed Susans, Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams, The Nearly Brothers
15th April – Bluegrass Champs, Jack Day, Four Quid Quartet, Alan Tyler, Trent Miller, Harrisburg, Ben Folke Thomas
17th April – Wolf People, Simon James Onions, Henry’s Funeral Shoe
18th April – Emily Barker, Danny Brittain, Circulus
19th April – Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Danny & The Champs, The Duke And The King
20th April – Trent Miller, Andy Weaver, Darrell Bath, Ben Folke Thomas, Glassglue
22st April - Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Danny & The Champs, The Duke And The King
28th April – Anny Celsi & Nelson Bragg, Viper Central
30th April – Oldboy, French Daniel
1st May - Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Norton Money, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas
2nd May – Three Bonzos And A Piano, The Ian Hunter Band
3rd May – Tony Poole, Rick Bockner, Suicide, The Stooges
4th May – Simone Felice
5th May – The Badland Revival, Matt Keating
6th May – Martin Ledner, Jack Day, Lane, Pony Club Oration, Vanishing Twin, Ben Folke Thomas, Trent Miller, Andy Hankdog
11th May – Jason McNiff, Harrisburg, Ben Folke Thomas, Modena City Ramblers, Andy Hankdog
13th May – Foghorn Leghorn, The Coal Porters
14th May – Chuck Prophet
15th May – Ben Folke Thomas, J D Smith, Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive
16th May - Austin Lucas, Alan Tyler & The Lost Sons Of Littlefield, The Henry Brothers, Darren (Crazy Arm), Danny George Wilson, El Morgan
18th May – Ben Folke Thomas launch (Ben, Trent Miller, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Jack Day, Hankdog)
19th May – Tamikrest, Dirtmusic
24th May – Henry’s Funeral Shoe
27th May – Neal Casal, Nicolai Dunger
29th May – Nic Dawson Kelly, Tommy Mansi & The Icebreakers, Tommy Hinkley and the Wandering Horse
30th May- Southern Tenant Folk Union
1st June – Woven Hand, Crippled Black Phoenix
2nd June – The Birds
4th June – Jason McNiff, Troubadour Rose
5thJune – Easter Sun
6th June – Hank Wangford
8th June - Alessi, John Grant
10th June - Tigercats, Lyrebirds, The Northwestern
13th June – Alan Tyler, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas
17th June – Hankdog, Jason McNiff & Ange Boxall
20th June – The Keys, Instant Flight, The See See
22nd June – Alejandro Escovedo
24th June – Alessi, Mountain Man, Lone Wolf, John Grant
29th June – Patti Smith, Fionn Regan
4th July – Tapestry Festival – Magic Numbers, Jim Jones Revue, Trembling Bells, Old Boy, Kitty Daisy and Lewis,
5th July – Pearly Gate Music
12th July – Danny & The Champs
13th July – Richard Warren
18th July - Redlands Palomino Company, King Salami & The Cumberland Three, Singing Adams, Jan Bell & Will Scott, Cowbell, Buckshot Soup
20th July – Honkeyfinger, Toehammer, Henry’s Funeral Shoe
22nd July – Howe Gelb and A Band Of Gypsies, Giant Sand, Kristen Hersh
24th July – The Lucky Strikes,
25th July – The Mekons
26th July – The Mekons
28th July – Onions, Hank Wangford & BJ Cole, Lucky Strikes, Dave Mesmelik
30th July – Emma Tricca, Jason McNiff & Ange Boxall, Richard Warren
31st July – Son Of Buff, Cowbell, The Fabulous Penetrators
1st August – Tony Poole
3rd August – Hungry Dog Brand, Jan Bell, Will Scott, Onions
5th August – Lyle Zimmerman, Jason McNiff, Ian Roe, Hannah & Rachel
6th August – Emily Barker (Tate)
8th August – Jason McNiff, The 16 Tonnes
11th August – Benjamin Folke Thomas, The Smoke Fairies
18th August – Sid Griffin & Wes McGhee
19th August – Lantern Society
26th August - Benjamin Folke Thomas, Josienne Clarke
27th August – Spirogyra, Wolf People
2nd September – Simone Felice
3rd September – Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, Blockheads
4th September – Benjamin Folke Thomas, Redlands Palomino Company, Rockingbirds
6th September – Sam Beer, Caitlin Rose, Heidi Spencer
8th September – Caitlin Rose, Timber Timbre, Phospherescent
9th September – Troubadour Rose, Benjamin Folke Thomas Band
10th Septemebr – Elliott Brood, Trembling Bells, Wolf People, Edwyn Collins
11th September – Phosphorescent, Citay, Voice Of The Seven Thunders, Wilderness of Mantitoba, The Unthanks, Caitlin Rose, Black Mountain, Yo La Tengo
12th September – Daniel Lefkowitz, Singing Adams, Felice Brothers, Low Anthem, Caitlin Rose
15th September – The Nights, Bethia Beadman
23rd September – Morgan O’Kane
24th September – Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
25th September – Benjamin Folke Thomas
26th September – Lucky Strikes
27th September – Kathleen Haskard, James Walbourne, Simon J Alpin
28th September – Jeremy Gluck and Marc Jeffrey, Trent Miller
30th September – Eilen Jewell, Benjamin Folke Thomas
1st October – Grinderman
2nd October – Marc Jeffrey & Paul Lush, Lions Of Least Resistance
4th October – Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Caitlin Rose
7th October – Black Mountain, Black Angels
9th October – Stupidity
10th October – Ian Hunter
14th October – Ben Folke Thomas
15th October – Willie Nile
20th October – Wolf People
21st October – Seefeel, Hallogallo 2010, Trent Miller, Jack Day
24th October – The Snakes
27th October – The Duke And The King
28th October – Marmaduke Dando, The Electric Sunshine Band
30th October – Trembling Bells, Alasdair Roberts, Shirley Collins
1st November – Jason McNiff, Alan Tyler, Ange Boxall & The Wagon Band
4th November – Duke Garwood, Lonna Kelley, Giant Sand
5th November – 14 Iced Bears, Case Hardin, James Walbourne, Celilo, Bella Echoes
6th November – Los Explosivos, The Boonaraaas
7th November – Redlands Palomino Company
11th November – John Grant
12th November – Mick Farren and Portobello Allstars, Pink FA with Nik Turner
13th November – Lucky Strikes, Onions, Bob Collum
15th November – Fairport Convention
16th November – Michael Weston King, Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3, Giant Sand
17th November - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
18th November - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3, True Lies
23rd November - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
26th November - Circulus
29th November – Hot Brew, The Magic Numbers
30th November – Sadies, Christopher Rees, Young Rebel Set
2nd December – Lantern Society – Ben Folke Thomas, Jack Day, Emily, Jason Collins Band
3rd December – Kelly Stoltz, Stephanie Finch & The Company Men
5th December – John Miller & His Country Casuals, Ben Folke Thomas
11th December – The Rockingbirds, The Arlenes
12th December – Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, The Arlenes
28th December – The Kitchen Drinkers, Findlay Brown, The Dog Roses
29th December – The Arlenes, Gary Lammin, The Rosinators

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