Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Downliners Sect - 'Brite Lights - Big City' EP

Here's a great piece of archeology available through Hand Of Glory.

The Downliners Sect are one the great names of the British rhythm 'n' blues putting out a bunch of singles, EPs, and three albums on Columbia between 1964 and 1966.

Before they signed to EMI they put out an EP 'Nite In Great Newport Street' on Contrast Sound. There was to be a second, 'Brite Lights - Big City', but the day the band turned up at the pressing plant with the sleeves they found it all boarded up and Contrast Sound had literally disappeared without trace and the master tapes along with it.

Now the tunes have turned up; in a box of reel to reel tapes bought blind on eBay; and Hand Of Glory have given it an (authorised) release. Lovely facsimile, pre-order now, they'll all go. 

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