Monday, 8 November 2010

Items Received Recently 1

This is a new departure but made necessary by a slight upswing in the amount of material arriving at BoB Towers. It allows press officers etc to see that their offerings have arrived without the necessity of phoning us up. It also lets the wider readership see the kind of stuff that turns up, and conversely what doesn't.

Of this week's list by far the most exciting are the two items from Munster. The wondrous I Knew Buffalo Bill now available on double vinyl. With extra tracks of course and very nice inner sleeves with essays by Jeremy (including his words on the death of Rowland S Howard which originally ran in BoB#74), Andy Bean, and an exert from Nikki Sudden's autobiography. Very well done to all parties.

Also from Munster comes Los Saicos' Demolicion - complete recordings of the 60s Peruvian garagistas who Lindsay Hutton suggests "make The Sonics sound like Simon And Garfunkel".

Jim Moray's always interesting. In Modern History must be his third or fourth album; a mix of traditional tunes like 'Long Lankin' and 'Silver Dagger' and his own variants - 'Spencer The Writer'. I put a video of his take on 'Gilderay' (not on this album)  in a post last week.

Various - Summer Turns To Autumn
Bat Kinane - A Lifetime To Kill
Destructors - Helloween
Wax - Melted
The Unfortunate Sons EP
Old 97s - The Grand Theatre Vol 1
Sool - A Touch Of Sool
The Weisstronauts - In Memphis
Britta Pejic - Backyards That Weren’t There Yesterday
Sparkleberries - Skylight Exchange
Soulbreaker Company - Itaca
Warchetype - Ancestral Cult Of Divinty
Jeremy Gluck - Buffalo Bill vinyl
Los Saicos - Demolicion
Bobby Conn - Rise Up
Jim Moray - In Modern History
San Carter - 'Yellow Sign' – single
The Scene Is Now - Magpie Alarm

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