Sunday, 7 November 2010

Stuff I've Enjoyed This Week 3

'Monk's Mountain'from Blurry Blue Mountain. Played on Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

"‘Monks Mountain’ is seven minutes long but every tine I listen to it it sounds like it’s only three and a half. The lyrical content could be anything you want it to be, all the songs are always like that, but my idea was telling the story of where Thelonious Monk got born in North Carolina. The music is nothing like jazz per se, but it’s just weird and the vocals are so hidden in it, you have to lean in to listen. That’s probably my favourite piece, and I still can’t understand what makes that song seem like it goes by so fast."

Howe Gelb, from an interview in Bucketfull Of Brains #76 - Winter 2010

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