Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bucketfull Of Brains #76 now available

Here it comes, issue number 76 has just started rolling back from the printers. The usual mix of information and misinformation to delight and astound.

This time around we’ve got an array of old favourites and eminent friends; a little bit of looking after our own. There’s stuff on books and festivals and psych folk, and the usual bits and bobs.

Howe Gelb and Chuck Prophet are interviewed by Nick West. Mick Dillingham locks horns with The Posies. Hugh Gulland talks at length with Terry Edwards; this is Part One of what looks set to run and run. Our friend Roch Parisien chaired an online session with Jim Sclavunos and we’ve got some excerpts from that. Then Kim Salmon and Jud Cost had a bit of a chat about this and that.

Phil Suggitt went to IPO in Vancouver, sat David Bash down and got the skinny on that moveable feast. Plus there’s stuff on the Stones and the End Of The Road, Dennis Dalcin’s Garage, various reviews and stuff.

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Remedy said...

Songwriter/Musician Chuck Prophet and band travels to Mexico City to record his upcoming album, ¡Let Freedom Ring!. Filmmaker Scott Compton and DP John Behrens went along for the ride armed with Canon 5D MkII HD SLR cameras.

Amid power outages, earthquakes, corrupt police and swine flu hysteria on CNN, Chuck and band managed to plug in and roll tape on a old-school rock record that takes no prisoners.

This trailer is on the upcoming documentary chronicling the adventure.

Hope you enjoy,

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