Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Robyn Hitchcock covers streaming inside The Museum

Robyn and Scott

For Xmas Robyn Hitchcock has a set of twelve recently recorded, unreleased covers available to listen to.  The new tracks are streaming from his Audio Bus at the bottom right of The Museum Of Robyn Hitchcock.  

There's the Dead's 'Candyman' with Peter Buck, John Paul Jones, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, three Bowie tracks from The Feghorn in October, plus three guest vocalists in Scott McCaughey on 'I Still Miss Someone',  Mike Heron with 'Very Cellular Song', and Nick Lowe on 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky'.

Below is a track listing:
1 Be Here Now 3:40
2 Blue Moon Of Kentucky 5:02 
3 Candyman 7:16 
4 Changes 3:42 
5 Copper Kettle 4:44 
6 I Still Miss Someone 3:48 
7 Life On Mars 4:49
8 Pink Moon in C 3:40 
9 Quicksand 5:50
10 Song For Bob Dylan 4:29 
11Very Cellular Song 12:38 
12 Wang Dang Doodle 7:07

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