Thursday, 2 December 2010

Do you still remember December's foggy freeze?

Well despite the temptation to stay in bed and wish the world away we've got on with the important tasks around a new issue and subscribers will be pleased to hear that all their copies (along all single issues purchased) are in the mail. I wouldn't be surprised if it all takes a little longer to arrive. The weather in the UK, even in London, is cold and snowy, and it'll probably affect the passage of the post by the odd day but everyone should be seeing a mag drop through their letterbox pretty soon.

It's now on sale in Housmans at the Kings Cross end of Caledonian Road so folk just passing through the city can pick one up. And it's a good read for the train, or indeed the tour bus.

As I say in the editorial this year I feel we've failed better. You have to go back to 2002 or 2003 to find a year when we got three issues out though this year we really did want to do four and that must be the aim for next year.

We should get off to a cracking start in 2011. We have a lot of good material already. We also have a fair bit of stuff that should have been in this one but for one reason or another didn't get in - or got in and then got thrown out in what's starting to feel like the compulsory last minute revamp, when yet another piece of advertising copy fails to materialise.

But I have to say that all features in this issue are super and all-in-all I'm very pleased with it. I just hope other people continue to be so too. There'll be copies available at the Stephanie Finch show tomorrow at The Borderline, and at the John Miller show at Honky Tonkin' Sunday (assuming the fella can get down from Glasgow).

Meanwhile I'm going to be recapping 2010 here over the next month. One or two people have already asked me for Top 10s etc for the year, and it'll also be an opportunity to flag up a number of things that need remark but haven't had it. So keep a watchful eye.

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