Monday, 31 January 2011

The Slummers featuring Dan Stuart and JD Foster at The Windmill - Wednesday

The Slummers at The Windmill on Wednesday. 

The band was started by Dan Stuart and JD Foster after wondering whether they could rediscover their musical innocence. Mr. Stuart was the leader of 80's legends Green On Red and half of Danny & Dusty while Mr. Foster is a sought after producer and sideman (Calexico, Patty Griffin etc.). The album was produced by Antonio Gramentieri who along with percussionist Diego Sapignoli provided instrumental support and inspiration. The songs were written in NYC, recorded in Richmond, Virginia and mixed in Senigallia, Italy. Despite their collective artistic experience, the members insist the slummers are a club of amateurs in spirit and purpose. Gentlemen all, you can take them at their word:

"Let us now celebrate the amateur, pure of heart and motive, in it only for the experience. here we beckon, come slum with us, downtown and beyond, the love never stops…"

Mr. Stuart and Mr. Foster co-wrote the compositions, share vocals and play guitars along with other assorted contraptions. Mr. Gramentieri and Mr. Sapignoli fill in with everything from baritone guitar to vibraphone. The record starts with the Beefheart absurdity of "Rift Valley Evolutionary Blues" and ends with the hopefully plaintive "Waiting For You". The material runs from the Wire inspired "Bread and Water" and Keith meets Nino Rota of "Bowery Boy" to the George Jones purity of "All About You". The most intimate and hair raising track is "Ironbound", one take only, Foster's vocal haunts. Mr. Gramentieri's production touches are eclectic and sublime and suggest a distinct move away from the ho hum ghetto of alt/country Americana whatever. Bravo maestro!

John Otway - Tomorrow night at The Betsey - really free

Tuesday 1st Feb - FREE 

A guide to life in the frantic lane of the music business - how to make success out of failure … and back again.

Ahead of his full band show at BETSEY'S WINTERLUDE please join us for a powerpoint-assisted presentation on the highs and lows of being ROCK N ROLL'S GREATEST FAILURE ... From some ill-judged amp-balancing on The Old Grey Whistle Test to a 2nd hit single on Top Of The Pops ... performing to 4000 at The Royal Albert Hall for his birthday to a failed world tour, OTWAY has plenty to talk about in the two volumes of his autobiography (COR BABY THAT'S REALLY ME and I DID IT OTWAY). Hear some of the highlights in person as John presents the JOHN OTWAY LECTURE … 

“highly informative.” – Jeremy Hunt 

8.00pm       ££ Cor Baby its Really Free!! ££ 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Downliners Sect -Dangerous Ground - new Steady Boy album

Out now from Freddie Krc's Steady Boy label.

The Downliners Sect were the ragged, rocking real deal, blasting out of England in 1964 on an early British wave that took their contemporaries the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Kinks, and the Pretty Things to rock and roll heights and history. But unlike their friends, the Sect stayed true to their rhythm and blues roots and the grungy glory of the two and a half minute record. Cool tracks like "Baby What's Wrong" and "Little Egypt" gave them stardom in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway and an enduring cult 
status everywhere else. Half a century later, they're still true to those roots and still fronted by founding members Don Craine and Keith Grant. The Sect survives, and SteadyBoy is thrilled to bring this album of tracks that only saw limited release in the nineties.

Dangerous Ground presents the band true to the spirit of American blues-based rock and roll with a British twist, sounding like early Rolling Stones, had they never abandoned the raw sound of their first several albums. Speaking of the Stones, Ronnie Wood’s brother Art Wood painted the inspired Dangerous Ground cover. Blues rock gets no more authentic, no more psychedelic, no more 
unrepentant than the Downliners Sect. 

--Rush Evan, SteadyBoy Records 

Release date: January 18, 2011 

Produced by 
Don Craine, Keith Grant, Mike Burch 

12-track version available on CD 
 10-track version available on vinyl 

1. Keep on Rocking (Grant) 3:41 
2. Escape from Hong Kong 
          (Grant/Craine) 4:52  
3. In the Pits (Tiller) 3:21 (CD only) 
4. Dangerous Ground (Dwyer) 4:11
4. Dangerous Ground (Dwyer) 4:11 
5. Lucy’s Bar Room (Craine/Dwyer) 4:02 
6. Working on the Railroad 
         (Trad. Arr. Grant/Craine) 4:44 
7. So Blue (Grant) 4:15 
8. Ease Up (Craine/Dwyer) 3:22 (CD only) 
9. Love with No Strings (Grant) 4:37 
10. Quicksand (Grant/Craine) 4:37 
11. Daemon Lover (Craine/Dwyer) 4:13 
12. Bookworm (Craine/Grant) 6:17  

Downliners Sect - 'Brite Lights - Big City' EP

Here's a great piece of archeology available through Hand Of Glory.

The Downliners Sect are one the great names of the British rhythm 'n' blues putting out a bunch of singles, EPs, and three albums on Columbia between 1964 and 1966.

Before they signed to EMI they put out an EP 'Nite In Great Newport Street' on Contrast Sound. There was to be a second, 'Brite Lights - Big City', but the day the band turned up at the pressing plant with the sleeves they found it all boarded up and Contrast Sound had literally disappeared without trace and the master tapes along with it.

Now the tunes have turned up; in a box of reel to reel tapes bought blind on eBay; and Hand Of Glory have given it an (authorised) release. Lovely facsimile, pre-order now, they'll all go. 


Just had the latest issue of the splendid TIMEMAZINE. It's a psychedelic fanzine put together in Tripolis by the 3 Timelords. Lovely lay-out similar to Misty Lane and a great production values.

The latest issue has interviews with Sam Andrew of Big Brother & The Holding Company, Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Gary Lee Yoder of Kak and The Oxford Circle. Plus Fifty Foot Hose, The Finchley Boys, and Fruits De Mer Records and lots more.

There is as ever a free CD with tracks from the featured artists and similar. Track list below.

Contact them through their MySpace

Betsey's WINTERLUDE gets closer

Winterlude is now just over three weeks away. Tickets are selling quickly. This will be one of the musical events of the year. Don't miss it.

Tickets here or pop into the pub


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Damien Jurado and Richard Swift - free covers album

This has only just come to my attention but it looks interesting.  A bunch of covers that Damien Jurado and Richard Swift made available last year. Some notable choices including Lenny Kaye's 'Crazy Like A Fox and Bill Fay's 'Be Not Fearful'.

He's also got a US tour with Viva Voce scheduled for March. Here's the dates for you in reach.

Other People's Songs

'Be Not So Fearful' - Originally by Bill Fay
'Hello Sunshine' - Originally by Relatively Clean Rivers
'Sweetness' - Originally by Yes
'Sincere Replies' - Originally by Oh! Calcutta! Original Broadway Cast
'If The Sun Stops Shinin’' - Originally by Chubby Checker
'Follow Me' - Originally by John Denver
'Outside My Window' - Originally by The Fleetwoods
'Radioactivity' - Originally by Kraftwerk
'Crazy Like A Fox' - Originally by Link Cromwell & The Zoo

Friday, 21 January 2011

Steve Wynn tour begins tonight

The tour begins tonight in Cologne and they get to England on Wednesday, playing upstairs at the Garage, York, Bedford, and Newcastle. Someone didn't sit down with a map, again!

Chris Cacavas is with him on the English dates and some of the European, and the Newcastle show is a Songwriter's Circle with Danny Champ and Martin Stephenson.

More details of all the dates of Steve's site and he's tweeting in deadly earnest this time so you can keep up @stevewynn.

And here's a treat for the older brethren from the days that used to be:

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Madam - Album launch tomorrow - Kings Place, Kings Cross

Our friend Sukie Smith who performs as Madam is launching her splendid new record Gone Before Morning at Kings Place in Kings Cross tomorrow evening. Eva Eden supports.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

In Praise Of Ace Records (And A Nod To Sartorial)

As folk who've been with us for a goodly while will know we have endless time for Messrs Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. In the mid to late 90s Dan started to be a lot more visible than he had for nearly two decades. Memorably he appeared at The Russell Arms and The QE Hall in 1994. The latter as part of a magical songwriter's circle with Guy Clark, Joe South, Allen Toussaint and Vic Chesnutt. Sadly Vic is gone now, as is Charlie Gillett who curated, and Mike Hart who I attended both that and the Russell Arms in the company of. Mike's cassette recording of the Russell Arms show remains a treasured possession.

When Joss and I and company took over BoB in 1996 we were all well into the Memphis scene and story ; we took a trip there together in September 1996 and met Jody Stephens and Jim Dickinson and set in train the connections that led to the BoB 50th Issue CD in early 1998. That opened with Dan's 'Jewel Of My Heart' an (the?) outtake from the recordings for his 1994 Sire album Do Right Man. If there's one thing I can say with real pride it's that I put out a record on Dan Penn.

Of course all the Ace gang were at those London shows and the various ones that followed over the next few years; Borderline, the Embassy Rooms (with Bob Neuwirth supporting) and the theatre, the name of which escapes me, where they were supported by Nick Lowe. That just shows you how long Ace Records have been going, and I guess sometimes we take them for granted. But when I look on my shelves I see such a mixture of their stuff; all lovingly packaged with proper sleevenotes and booklets, with intelligent sequencing; and just realise what a fantastic job of retrieval they done over the years and continue.

In 2010 I spent a lot of time listening to Georgie Fame's Mod Classics, really enjoyed the How Many Roads: Black America Sings Bob Dylan compilation, finally gave the three CD Southern Soul collection the attention it deserved and from there got into Doris Duke.

Also spent time with You Baby a collection of performances of songs by PF Sloan and Steve Barri. This was one of a continuing series of comps they've done themed around producers and songwriters; there's been two volumes around Bert Berns, one on Jerry Ragovoy, one on Lee Hazlewood, and a good few more. Now they've got round to Dan and Spoon and this one may run and run. Coming out next month it's a mixture of the well-known and the fascinating.; Percy Sledge's 'Out Of Left, Field', Charlie Rich's 'A Woman Left Lonely', Tony Borders' 'I Met Her In Church', and The Box Top doing 'Everything I Am' just to name a few. I've had a guide copy of it for a couple of months and it's been Penn season again in BoB Towers.

Then I was digging through files on an old Mac and came up with what follows. I used to write an imports column for Pop Culture Press who were based in Austin. It was basically about stuff coming out of English reissue labels and in the summer of 2008 I did a piece around the Rock On comp that Ace put out that year. It never ran as PCP never published that projected issue and their online plans never materialised. So here it is, mainly about Ace but a nod to Terry Edwards' Sartorial label towards the end:

If you came out of Camden Town tube station turning left into Kentish Town Road, at any time between the mid-70s and the late 90s, you’d almost immediately hear some classic rock’n’roll music. It came out of a little shop whose windows were filled with album sleeves and festooned with gig posters. Inside a remarkably tiny space was rammed with records. There were album sleeves everywhere; walls, ceiling, racks. Picture sleeves hung from above the counter. It was a veritable cornucopia. 

This was Rock On. It opened in September 1975 as the third concern trading under that name. Ted Carroll, music lover, and tour manager of Skid Row, had visited Big John’s Oldies But Goodies Land in Boston in late 1970 and been inspired. The following summer he’d set up a market stall in Portobello and three years later another, under the management of Roger Armstrong, in Soho Market. 

At a time when rock was turning increasingly serious, the album predominated, and singles were downgraded, almost derided, Rock On were pioneers. They searched out old records from a decade and more before and bought them in quantity when they found them. They were crucial in sowing seeds that flowered in the punk revolution. The people who formed the bands of 1976 had been hanging around the stalls for years and soaked up their ethos. 

In 1975 too Rock On spawned Chiswick Records who put out singles by names like the Count Bishops, the 101’ers, the Hammersmith Gorillas, Johnny Moped, and the Nipple Erectors. Three years later Chiswick launched a reissue arm and called it Ace. The rest is now history as Ace has flourished for three decades making readily available a massive treasury of rhythm ’n’ blues, soul, rockabilly, country, folk, psychedelia, and much else too. It has rummaged throughout the US finding the tape archives of long dormant labels and bringing their contents to a new audience. It has licensed material from legendary imprints like Vanguard, Takoma, and Fantasy. And there’s no sign of it easing off. 

Rock On is a tribute to the shop; a collection of the songs you’d hear if you ventured near. It’s the tunes that are the lifeblood of a generation of London musicians and music lovers. Slim Harpo’s ‘Shake Your Hips’, Vince Taylor’s ‘Brand New Cadillac’, the Flamin’ Groovies’ ‘Slow Death’, Jerry Byrne’s ‘Lights Out’, and a lot more too. Presented inevitably in true Ace fashion with pages of commentary, anecdotes, photographs, that both enhance the package but also send you looking for more. 

A favoured Ace format is collections themed around producers and arrangers. This year has seen both Bert Berns and Jerry Ragovoy celebrated in this way. Berns, from New York, was dead at 38 before the end of 1967, but he left a rich legacy having worked with artists of the calibre of Solomon Burke, the Isley Brothers, and Van Morrison. As Bert Russell he wrote ‘Twist And Shout’, ‘One Way Love’, and ‘Here Comes The Night’. The Bert Berns Story - Twist And Shout covers the years 1960 to 1964. It runs from his first hit song, the Cuban-tinged ‘Push Push’ by Austin Taylor for the independent Laurie Records, through to the version of ‘Here Comes The Night’ by Lulu that he produced for her, and Decca Records, on one of his few visits to London. 

Ragovoy, also New York-based, had worked with Berns and is one of the major figures of East Coast soul and R&B. Songs he wrote, or recorded, are now legendary. The Jerry Ragovoy Story: Time Is On My Side 1953-2003 includes that very title song by Kai Winding, the Danish trombonist, with Dionne Warwick and Cissy Houston singing the choruses, and ‘Cry Baby’ from Garnet Mimms, more widely known in Janis Joplin’s version. Ragovoy was also behind the phenomenal ‘Stay With Me’ where Lorraine Ellison, backed by a 46-piece orchestra, chills the spine and set the nerve-ends tingling. 

Meanwhile on the West Coast in 1965 the 19-year-old P F Sloan was working as a songwriter for Lou Adler. He had his moment in the sun when Barry McGuire took his ‘Eve Of Destruction’ high into both the US and British Top Tens. His authorship of that tune was unjustly damned as exploitative of the protest movement. In fact it was a fine example of his blending of late-teen angst and proto-folk rock. There’s much more of it to be found on Here’s Where I Belong. The Best Of The Dunhill Years 1965-67, predominantly comprising the bulk of the two Dunhill albums, Song Of The Times and Twelve More Times. Sloan had been writing since the age of fourteen, and Johnny Rivers’ ‘Secret Agent Man’, Herman’s Hermits ‘ A Must To Avoid’ and the Searchers’ ‘Take Me For What I’m Worth’ are all his. 

Another marvellous, but now lost, shop in Camden was Compendium Books where one could gain an introduction to writers like Derek Raymond. Almost 20 years after its publication his disturbing, brutal, and uncompromising I Was Dora Suarez is recognised as profoundly influential both as crime and London novel, though it remains a deeply uneasy read. 

Raymond was the alter ego of Robin Cook; a louche Old Etonian, and habitué of Soho drinking holes. A natural raconteur with a voice reflecting his milieu, though he compared it to that of an ‘iron parrot’. He got together with James Johnston and Terry Edwards of Gallon Drunk in the wake of their From The Heart Of Town album and they provide eminently suitable settings for seven considerable extracts from the book, which Cook reads nervelessly, surrounding them with dark metropolitan noise, unstable jazz, incongruous musical boxes, and Chopin. It’s now reissued on Edwards’ Sartorial Records. 

Friday, 14 January 2011

The Baseball Project - Volume 2

Following the unanticipated success of the outfit's first album Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes & Dying Quails -- the band performed on The Late Show with David Letterman, was featured in the official World Series Program and Sports Illustrated among others -- baseball's sardonic rock chroniclers are back with Volume 2: High and Inside, an even more detailed look at the stories behind the stories of America's Favourite Pastime. 

Their second season finds band members Steve Wynn (The Miracle 3, The Dream Syndicate), Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M.), Linda Pitmon (The Miracle 3, Golden Smog) and Peter Buck (R.E.M.) drilling down even deeper into the Byzantine, lore-laden annals of baseball history. Volume 2 also includes guests spots by Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan, as well as Chris Funk and John Moen of The Decemberists, dispelling any fears of a sophomore slump. 

1. 1976
2. Panda and The Freak
3. Fair Weather Fans
4. Don't Call Them Twinkies
5. Chin Music
6. Buckner's Bolero
7. Tony (Boston's Chosen Son)
8. Ichiro Goes to the Moon
9. The Straw that Stirs the Drink
10. Look Out Mom
11. Pete Rose Way
12. Twilight of My Career
13. Here Lies Carl Mays

The record's out early in March on YepRoc. Meanwhile have a listen to their interim Broadside Ballads chronicling the last year's baseball series. 

Steve Wynn and Chris Cacavas are touring in Europe later this month. Dates here.

Wolf People announce headline tour and 'Silbury Sands' 7"

After featuring in our editor's pics of 2011 for their superb Steeple album WOLF PEOPLE will embark on their first UK headline tour next month.

Twisted Nerve recording artists The Liftmen support on most dates, details as follows:

February 13  Nottingham, Bodega  7pm, £7 adv
February 14  Bristol, Cooler  w/The Liftmen  7.30pm, £7 adv
February 15  Brighton, Prince Albert  w/The Liftmen  8pm, £7 adv
February 16  London, Cargo w/The Liftmen  7pm, £8 adv
February 18  Oxford, Jericho Tavern  w/The Liftmen 8pm, £7 adv
February 19  Manchester, Deaf Institute  w/The Liftmen  7.30pm, £7 adv
February 20  Leeds, Nation Of Shopkeepers  w/The Liftmen  8pm, £5 adv
February 21  Sheffield, Harley  w/Wet Nuns  8pm, £6 adv
February 22  Glasgow, Captain's Rest  8pm, £7 adv

To coincide, Jagjaguwar are proud to release album opener 'Silbury Sands' on February 14. The song will be available on seven inch and digital formats, b/w exclusive b-side 'Dry'.

Wolf People have also been added to the line-up of April's Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland alongside Jagjaguwar labelmates and 2010 touring buddies Black Mountain (also among the BOB picks) who will headline the closing Afterburner event). 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Flamin' Groovies in London at Easter

More info here

Road Movie with Ben Folke Thomas

Benjamin Folke Thomas on tour last year with Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou et al. This year Trevor and Hannah-Ou are off on a Tin Tabernacle tour.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 - Band Roll

This year's lot - God bless then all

1st Jan – Johnny Throttle, Bermondsey Joyriders
4th Jan – Richard de Bastion, Benjamin Folke Thomas
7th Jan – Andy Hankdog, The Shattered Jew, Jason Collins, Benjamin Folke Thomas, Anton & Tobia
14th Jan – Danny & The Champs, Alan Tyler, (Romeo Stodart, Jason McNiff, Andy Hankdog, Ben Thomas)
15th Jan – Danny & The Champs, Yngve and The Innocent
21st Jan – Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas, Marcia Mello, Hattie Longfield, Tom McRae, Danny George Wilson, Andy Hankdog, Jason Collins
25th Jan – The Coal Porters
26th Jan – Sarah Jaffe, Midlake
28th Jan – The Kissaway Trail, Midlake
31st Jan – Cowbell, Little George Souref
2nd Feb – Wilko Johnson (Oil City Confidential)
6th Feb – Ben Folke Thomas, Ange & The Wagon Band
7th Feb – The Coal Porters
10th Feb – Trent Miller, Harrisburg, Ben Folke Thomas
12th Feb – The Hankdogs, Danny Wilson & David Rothon, This Is The Kit
16th Feb – Wolf People
18th Feb – Danny & The Champs, Fionn Regan
19th Feb – Jason McNiff, The Coal Porters
20th Feb – Darrell Bath & Mickey Kemp
26th Feb – Mary Epworth & The Jubilee Band, The Masonics
27th Feb – Ben Folke Thomas, Jack Day, Pepe Belmonte, Alan Tyler & Paul Lush, Dan Raza & Andy Hankdog
3rd March – Mark Mulholland
4th March - Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas, Old Kerry Mckee
6th March – Emit Bloch, Case Hardin
12th March - Band Of Outsiders
13th March - Irish Rock Review
14th March – Grada, Joe Hurley
15th March - The Cocktail Slippers, The Doughboys
16th March - Trembling Bells,
19th March - Nada Surf, John Train
20th March - John Wesley Harding
21st March - Kenn Kwedar
22nd March - George Usher
24th March - John Wesley Harding & Rick Moody
25th March – The Cabinet Of Wonders, John Wesley Harding, Freedy Johnson etc
2nd April - There Are More Of Us Than There Are Of You, Ben Folke Thomas
3rd April – Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive
4th April - Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive, The One Tree Hillbillies
5th April – Dolly & Rick, The Dog Roses, Chicken Shed Zeppelin, The Holloway Jug Band, Norton Money, Circulus, The Belles Of London, The Cedars
9th April – The Triffids, The Blackeyed Susans
10th April - The Blackeyed Susans, Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams, The Nearly Brothers
15th April – Bluegrass Champs, Jack Day, Four Quid Quartet, Alan Tyler, Trent Miller, Harrisburg, Ben Folke Thomas
17th April – Wolf People, Simon James Onions, Henry’s Funeral Shoe
18th April – Emily Barker, Danny Brittain, Circulus
19th April – Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Danny & The Champs, The Duke And The King
20th April – Trent Miller, Andy Weaver, Darrell Bath, Ben Folke Thomas, Glassglue
22st April - Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Danny & The Champs, The Duke And The King
28th April – Anny Celsi & Nelson Bragg, Viper Central
30th April – Oldboy, French Daniel
1st May - Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Norton Money, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas
2nd May – Three Bonzos And A Piano, The Ian Hunter Band
3rd May – Tony Poole, Rick Bockner, Suicide, The Stooges
4th May – Simone Felice
5th May – The Badland Revival, Matt Keating
6th May – Martin Ledner, Jack Day, Lane, Pony Club Oration, Vanishing Twin, Ben Folke Thomas, Trent Miller, Andy Hankdog
11th May – Jason McNiff, Harrisburg, Ben Folke Thomas, Modena City Ramblers, Andy Hankdog
13th May – Foghorn Leghorn, The Coal Porters
14th May – Chuck Prophet
15th May – Ben Folke Thomas, J D Smith, Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive
16th May - Austin Lucas, Alan Tyler & The Lost Sons Of Littlefield, The Henry Brothers, Darren (Crazy Arm), Danny George Wilson, El Morgan
18th May – Ben Folke Thomas launch (Ben, Trent Miller, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Jack Day, Hankdog)
19th May – Tamikrest, Dirtmusic
24th May – Henry’s Funeral Shoe
27th May – Neal Casal, Nicolai Dunger
29th May – Nic Dawson Kelly, Tommy Mansi & The Icebreakers, Tommy Hinkley and the Wandering Horse
30th May- Southern Tenant Folk Union
1st June – Woven Hand, Crippled Black Phoenix
2nd June – The Birds
4th June – Jason McNiff, Troubadour Rose
5thJune – Easter Sun
6th June – Hank Wangford
8th June - Alessi, John Grant
10th June - Tigercats, Lyrebirds, The Northwestern
13th June – Alan Tyler, Jack Day, Ben Folke Thomas
17th June – Hankdog, Jason McNiff & Ange Boxall
20th June – The Keys, Instant Flight, The See See
22nd June – Alejandro Escovedo
24th June – Alessi, Mountain Man, Lone Wolf, John Grant
29th June – Patti Smith, Fionn Regan
4th July – Tapestry Festival – Magic Numbers, Jim Jones Revue, Trembling Bells, Old Boy, Kitty Daisy and Lewis,
5th July – Pearly Gate Music
12th July – Danny & The Champs
13th July – Richard Warren
18th July - Redlands Palomino Company, King Salami & The Cumberland Three, Singing Adams, Jan Bell & Will Scott, Cowbell, Buckshot Soup
20th July – Honkeyfinger, Toehammer, Henry’s Funeral Shoe
22nd July – Howe Gelb and A Band Of Gypsies, Giant Sand, Kristen Hersh
24th July – The Lucky Strikes,
25th July – The Mekons
26th July – The Mekons
28th July – Onions, Hank Wangford & BJ Cole, Lucky Strikes, Dave Mesmelik
30th July – Emma Tricca, Jason McNiff & Ange Boxall, Richard Warren
31st July – Son Of Buff, Cowbell, The Fabulous Penetrators
1st August – Tony Poole
3rd August – Hungry Dog Brand, Jan Bell, Will Scott, Onions
5th August – Lyle Zimmerman, Jason McNiff, Ian Roe, Hannah & Rachel
6th August – Emily Barker (Tate)
8th August – Jason McNiff, The 16 Tonnes
11th August – Benjamin Folke Thomas, The Smoke Fairies
18th August – Sid Griffin & Wes McGhee
19th August – Lantern Society
26th August - Benjamin Folke Thomas, Josienne Clarke
27th August – Spirogyra, Wolf People
2nd September – Simone Felice
3rd September – Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, Blockheads
4th September – Benjamin Folke Thomas, Redlands Palomino Company, Rockingbirds
6th September – Sam Beer, Caitlin Rose, Heidi Spencer
8th September – Caitlin Rose, Timber Timbre, Phospherescent
9th September – Troubadour Rose, Benjamin Folke Thomas Band
10th Septemebr – Elliott Brood, Trembling Bells, Wolf People, Edwyn Collins
11th September – Phosphorescent, Citay, Voice Of The Seven Thunders, Wilderness of Mantitoba, The Unthanks, Caitlin Rose, Black Mountain, Yo La Tengo
12th September – Daniel Lefkowitz, Singing Adams, Felice Brothers, Low Anthem, Caitlin Rose
15th September – The Nights, Bethia Beadman
23rd September – Morgan O’Kane
24th September – Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
25th September – Benjamin Folke Thomas
26th September – Lucky Strikes
27th September – Kathleen Haskard, James Walbourne, Simon J Alpin
28th September – Jeremy Gluck and Marc Jeffrey, Trent Miller
30th September – Eilen Jewell, Benjamin Folke Thomas
1st October – Grinderman
2nd October – Marc Jeffrey & Paul Lush, Lions Of Least Resistance
4th October – Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Caitlin Rose
7th October – Black Mountain, Black Angels
9th October – Stupidity
10th October – Ian Hunter
14th October – Ben Folke Thomas
15th October – Willie Nile
20th October – Wolf People
21st October – Seefeel, Hallogallo 2010, Trent Miller, Jack Day
24th October – The Snakes
27th October – The Duke And The King
28th October – Marmaduke Dando, The Electric Sunshine Band
30th October – Trembling Bells, Alasdair Roberts, Shirley Collins
1st November – Jason McNiff, Alan Tyler, Ange Boxall & The Wagon Band
4th November – Duke Garwood, Lonna Kelley, Giant Sand
5th November – 14 Iced Bears, Case Hardin, James Walbourne, Celilo, Bella Echoes
6th November – Los Explosivos, The Boonaraaas
7th November – Redlands Palomino Company
11th November – John Grant
12th November – Mick Farren and Portobello Allstars, Pink FA with Nik Turner
13th November – Lucky Strikes, Onions, Bob Collum
15th November – Fairport Convention
16th November – Michael Weston King, Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3, Giant Sand
17th November - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
18th November - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3, True Lies
23rd November - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
26th November - Circulus
29th November – Hot Brew, The Magic Numbers
30th November – Sadies, Christopher Rees, Young Rebel Set
2nd December – Lantern Society – Ben Folke Thomas, Jack Day, Emily, Jason Collins Band
3rd December – Kelly Stoltz, Stephanie Finch & The Company Men
5th December – John Miller & His Country Casuals, Ben Folke Thomas
11th December – The Rockingbirds, The Arlenes
12th December – Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, The Arlenes
28th December – The Kitchen Drinkers, Findlay Brown, The Dog Roses
29th December – The Arlenes, Gary Lammin, The Rosinators