Monday, 22 October 2012

Bucketfull Of Brains # 80 now available

Bucketfull Of Brains #80 has just published. The new issue can now be purchased by mailorder and there’s a PayPal button below. Please ensure that you pick the correct price for your territory.

The new magazine was mainly put together by Terry Hermon and Phil Suggitt, and many of our usual contributors are present and correct; Mick Dillingham, Jud Cost, David Bash, Dennis Dalcin, Kevin Mathews and David M Snyder. Jeremy Gluck returns with tales of THE BARRACUDAS in Japan, Paul Martin brings extensive coverage of a fabulous new survey of GLAM ROCK picture sleeves. And Oliver Suggitt brings the wind of youth into the mix in writing about THE SPECTRALS.

There’s a chat with our jangly psych buddies THE SEE SEE, a wide-ranging interview with CHRIS STAMEY about BIG STAR, THE dB’s and his latest solo project. JONATHAN SEGEL talks about his solo projects and, of course, a bit about CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN. GRACE SLICK tells the professor about Blows Against The Empire. JEFF LITMAN tells his tale. And we hear from Ramblin’ Steve all about the history and the ethos of the WHAT’S COOKIN’ club in East London.

Plus reviews and bits on SHAGRAT RECORDS, PROCOL HARUM, and other stuff probably.

Order now:
£4.25 to the UK, £6.75 to Europe, £8.25 to USA & ROW