Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dateline Jan 28th 2012: News from BoB Towers (Finally)

 So, hello. Where’ve you been? Oh, where’ve we been? Around...

Is it that long since 78/79 landed? Guess so. Have you got it? No? Quickly here, there aren’t many left. What’s been happening? Well Richard Buckner and Sacri Cuori were pretty ace, alone and together. Danny Champ and Richard Warren. Jason McNiff just last Monday at the Borderline. Taking Ben Folke Thomas to see Glen Campbell. The Loft. Pete Wylie being Pete Wylie. Jones and Simonon and Primal Scream doing ‘Jail Guitar Doors’. There’ve been moments but it’s been a hiatus, and now before nature abhors this vacuum too much let’s see some activity.

First activity is announcements from the record label of no less than three upcoming releases between now and May:

First off is a reissue of Trent Miller’s Cerberus (BoB 112). Originally self-released on his own Hangman Label in autumn 2009 it’s now getting a new push with a listed release date of 5th March. Visit his website and learn more about it.

Then we’re very pleased to be giving a UK and European release to Edward RogersPorcelain (BoB 121) originally put out in the US and Canada on Zip last autumn. This is Ed’s fourth solo album and as ever it features a plethora of New York’s finest. Due 2nd April.

And then, drum roll if you don’t mind, we’re extremely pleased to announce we’re putting out John Murry’s The Graceless Age (BoB 122) on 7th May. An extraordinary record. You may recall World Without End which John recorded with the old Memphis folkie Bob Frank; this is the solo album he’s been working on since. It involves a number of famed SF musicians including Chuck Prophet and it’s going to make some waves.

All that is just bare bones (and a few links) for today but over the next days and weeks we’ll surely be posting a lot of (metaphorical) meat.