Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bucketfull Show - Sunday 20th April

Sunday afternoon saw the latest of the Bucketfull Of Brains/Turning Worm shows at the Worlds End in Camden.Previous shows have been impressive and this kept up the high standards. We had the Outdoor Types, Instant Flight, and Mary Epworth and The Jubilee Band, and everyone played cracking sets.
Everything started a bit late as certain gentlemen were feeling the effects of two consecutive twenty-hour days at the Camden Crawl, However once the Outdoor Types got going no-one cared about the wait. There’s a fine mixture of psych, folk, and proper pop music to them. Luke Novak is an excellent frontman and Laura Forbes mixes it up nicely jumping between keyboards and violin. It was good to hear their Shoenfelt-esque single ‘Jangler Swifteye’ performed live along with the somewhat perverse ‘The Doll Enthusiast’.
They were followed by the psychedelic wonders that are Instant Flight. Despite Marco Magnani being sick as a dog and hiding in the car for much of the afternoon when it came to the show they gave it all up. A mixture of songs from 2004’s Colours And Lights album – ‘Top Of The Mountain’ and ‘Freeway’ – and newer songs from the soon-coming Endless Journey. Most enjoyable of the latter was perhaps ‘Get Away’ where Lucie Rejchrtova leaves off her keyboards and blows a mean harmonica in a style once prevalent on tiny Hamburg stages when the world was young.
Last up was Mary Epworth and her Jubilee Band – Will, Aster, Horse and Andy. This was to be the launch of their new single –‘The Saddle Song’ - and thus it was, though owing to trouble at the pressing plant there weren’t any copies. Anyway you can hear it at their MySpace and they played it live as well. It’s a classic folk rock tune with a lovely sway, percussion and (on the record) a rustic brass band behind. They also played ‘Six Kisses’ and ‘Black Doe’ , an autoharp was exercised and Horse played some banjo behind his head, Hendrix-style, though the lighter fuel never came out.

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