Friday, 18 April 2008

Triple Launch Night Revisited

Next up was Mark Hulholland. I was put on to Mark by Nikki Sudden who reviewed one of his records for us many moons ago. Mark lives in Berlin and plays in a band called Two Dollar Bash. But tonight he's launching his new solo double CD on Easy Action. It's appropriate because half the album was recorded live at the 12 Bar in 2005. He's accompanied tonight on drums and percussion by Chris Hughes out of Fatal Shore - and once of Once Upon A Time Mark's originally from Scotland and has one of those gentle almost whispered voices accompanied to great effect by acoustic 12 string guitar.
The new record's called The Devil On The Stairs and there are a lot of songs from it tonight; along with the new '66 Dylan-y 'Departure Lounge Blues' and Epic Soundtracks' 'Something New Under The Sun'.

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