Friday, 18 April 2008

A Triple Launch Night

The last Monday of March saw three of our favourite singers all together in one place and all launching new albums.
We don't go to the 12 Bar Club as often as we used to but it's always a pleasure when the opportunity arises. And thus happened when Jason McNiff, Mark Mulholland, and Phil Shoenfelt all converged on the place.
McNiff's got a kind of greatest hits collection out - In My Time - with songs from all his albums and a few new ones too. He got to kick off with a short set entirely made up of songs from it with the exception of his cover of 'Famous Blue Raincoat'. It was very short actually and he didn't get to do his beautiful epic signature song 'Off The Rails'. Fortunately he'd done it the night before at Come Down And Meet The Folks where he'd also done Sally Timms' 'Horses'. A week later I caught him at the Windmill in Brixton where another new addition to his repertoire was 'The Lakes Of Pontchatrain' learnt he says off a live Dylan video.

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