Friday, 4 April 2008

Where We Stand...Today

This is a new blog for a new Bucketfull Of Brains, though in many respects it resembles the old one quite closely. Many of the same writers, most of the same concerns, quite a few of our still favourite bands, and a retention of our, sometimes, willful obscurity.

It’s been a few months since #71 appeared and we have since then been looking at ways we can ensure both regularity and security. It’s been no secret that for a while the mag has been financially unstable. When Nigel founded it, and when Jon was running it at six issues a year, it sold through music distributors. Over the last few years many of these have gone out of business; those that remain aren’t interested in the relatively low profit margins of magazines. At the same time magazine distributors aren’t that interested in ‘occasionals’, and if they are they don’t have their interests at heart and end up running them into the ground. Comes With A Smile being a good example of this.

We’ve therefore looked for another way. And over the next couple of months that other way will manifest itself. But in the meantime this site will act as a conduit for information and hopefully will be of interest in its own right.

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