Thursday, 6 May 2010

BENJAMIN FOLKE THOMAS – Bucketfull Of Brains Records – BoB101 – Release and launch

Over the years Bucketfull Of Brains has released a whole series of records featuring people we like. This began with flexi-discs of The Rain Parade, Robyn Hitchcock, The Barracudas, and more, progressed to 7’ singles – notably Dream Syndicate’s ‘Blind Willie McTell b/w The Bevis Frond’s ‘High In A Flat’, and REM’s ‘Academy Fight Song’. There was a Loose Gravel CD and a series of cover-mounted compilation CDs in the late 90s.

With its renaissance as a print magazine BoB is now launching as a boutique record label and we are pleased to announce our first release. A six-track CD mini-album by BENJAMIN FOLKE THOMAS. Ben Thomas is a London- based, Swedish-born singer-songwriter. At 22 he’s one of the most exciting prospects coming out of the London acoustic scene, and a stalwart of The Easycome Club, The Betsey Trotwood, and Honky Tonkin’ Sunday.

Starting his musical career as drummer in a grunge band his life was transformed when he heard Kurt Cobain singing ‘In The Pines’ on the Unplugged record. Steeping himself in Leadbelly, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, by the age of 20 he was an excellent finger-picker, confident performer, and mature songwriter. Jaded Londoners didn’t know what had hit them when they first heard songs like ‘Paradise Lost (Heaven Found)’, and saw this robust performer with a stage presence recalling the Bob Dylan of two decades ago.

The record is released in a limited run on the very appropriate 24th May. It comes in a splendid gate-fold sleeve designed by an accomplished book designer with a portrait photo by Annabel Vere. It features musical contributions from Graham Knight, Steve Brookes, Paul Cuddeford, and Ange Boxall.

The record will be launched at The Betsey Trotwood on Tuesday 18th May. Copies will be available there, and Ben and his band will perform at 8.15. Later in the evening there will be a solo acoustic set in the bar. Entrance is £3.

"Stands out like Oliver Reed at an AA meeting". Will Hodgkinson The Guardian

Advance orders can be placed now and will be dispatched prior to the release date.