Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bucketfull Of Brains: News of #75

Right, following on from the State Of The Nation proclamation last month, here's a bit of hard news about BoB#75, and a little bit of promotion of our back issues.

We intend publishing the new issue at the back end of June. The entire contents are not quite settled as interviews and discussions are still in progress; anything flagged up therefore is a little provisional but if it doesn't make it into this one it will be in #76.

We're going to be looking at The Stones and The Stones in light of the reissues of Exile and Raw Power and The Stooges/Suicide shows at Hammersmith at the beginning of May. There are interviews with two venerable New Jersey bands Smash Palace and The Grip Weeds. A talk with two exciting young UK bands The Lucky Strikes and Henry's Funeral Shoe, and maybe a chat with the Aussie legend Kim Salmon.

I was over at Minus Zero yesterday seeing Bill Forsyth and Mick Dillingham (almost invisible behind the Westwood One banner below) and taking away some back issues; sad to see the shell of what's been a little oasis for a good part of my life. How it must feel for the Bills? But it has made me take a hard look at the stock of back issues we actually hold. It's an intriguing mixture and quite surprising what's actually rare as hens' teeth and what we're overflowing with. Couldn't help but be reminded of Jon Storey's shed (a tale for another time).

So over the next few weeks and months I'm going to be revisiting those back issues and promoting them here. In the meantime if you've got gaps in your collection do contact us direct and we'll see if we can help you - and alternatively if you have copies you want to dispose of do let us know, some we won't need but quite a few are likely to be of interest.

In the meantime you should be aware that issue #74 is selling out fast (even though we did a second printing) so don't delay or it'll be gone. We're still running a special offer on #74, #73, and #72, and why not take out a subscription on the next three issues which should see you through to the end of 2010.

BoB #74

BoB 3 Issue Subscription

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