Friday, 28 May 2010

BoB #55 - Second Compilation

Bucketfull #55 was the first issue of the new century, and the first Terry and I put together without Joss and Joe. It came with the second cover-mount compilation that we’d solicited and put together. It was a contrast to the 50th issue comp in that this time we didn’t have the famous names; no Penns, Dickinsons, or Twilleys. But while many of the names weren’t instantly recognisable outside a small circle of friends there was a consistent strength to the material, and this CD was a success because it worked when people listened to it. They were drawn in by the strength of the songs, the performances, and the sequence. It is with this CD that Terry and I discovered that we shared an instinctual ability to sequence speedily and well, and thus far it hasn’t deserted us.

Of course there were legendary names: Epic, who’d died in late ‘97, The Wondermints (soon to become more famous through association with Brian Wilson), and Flying Color. The Epic track - ‘Farmers Daughter’ (erroneously credited to Wilson/Love) – came from a cassette Nikki had found with ‘Bucketfull Of Brains’ written on it and passed on. There were also three once-and-future Rockingbirds – in Chris Clarke, Dave Morgan, and Sean Read – all members of a rather good but lost Camden band Corolla; a band so obscure even to themselves that when I showed the tracklist to singer Robin Brookes he pointed to the name and said, “is that us?”.

The Wondermints were also interviewed at length by Jud Cost and appeared on the cover. There was also a commemoration of Epic written by Nikki, and illustrated by photos from Bleddyn Butcher. These latter were considered the Godfreys to be some of the most sympathetic shots of Epic – who didn’t tend to pose well (unlike his brother) – and Bled was later to send them prints.

Full contents:

Paul Collins, Epic Soundtracks, Mark Mulcahy, Michael Mazzerella (The Rooks), Robin Wills’ report on the LA International Pop Overthrow of 1999, Johnny Dowd, Andre Williams, The Paradise Motel.

CD Track List:

Words Weren’t Said – The Lears
Take It For A Ride – Flying Color
Mr Cynic – Jack & The Beanstalk
The One – Cloud Eleven
Meghan – Bikeride
Farmers Daughter – Epic Soundtracks
Is It Showing? – The Grip Weeds
Hold Of Your Arms – Mark Johnson
Ruby (8-track demo) – Venus Ray
Big Boy – Brad Jones
Geraldine – Mannix
Keepaway – The Idea
If I Was A Seed – Charlotte Greig
You Won’t Find Me (acoustic) - Peter Bruntnell
Not This Time – Corolla
Take It And Run – Weird Summer
Psycho-Della – Katmandude
Galactic Patrol (demo) – The Wondermints
Calling All Cars – The Scoundrelles
On My Way Back Home – The Sires

We still have copies of this issue available (£4.50 UK, £6 Europe, £7.00 US & ROW). In total we have four different issues with covermounts and as a special offer you can buy the lot at a reduced price (£16 UK, £20 Europe, £24 USA & ROW)

BoB #55

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HillsideHead said...

Is Epic Soundtrack's "Farmer's Daughter" track on the BoB #55 CD the same version as on his "Rise Above" album, or is it an alternate version?