Thursday, 2 December 2010

7" Singles - Florence Joelle's Kiss Of Fire

One of the things that disappeared at the last moment was our little singles column. We haven't really covered singles recently; mainly because we don't see many. But as with books we'd love to have them as a regular spot again. This year my affection for vinyl revitalised in a big way and I have been kicking around and discussing ideas for BoB to put out the odd 45.

The single that I have played most in the last few weeks is by Florence Joelle's Kiss Of Fire. I first saw Florence a few times last year when she and Sterling Roswell were playing together. Sterling's no longer working with her but she's got a cool little band with Arthur Lager on drums, Chris Campion on bass, and Huck Whitney on guitar. They conjure an atmosphere of sultry exoticism on this mix of standards and originals that combine early R'n'B stylings with French chanson and create something very special. Listening to these settings and her delightful voice the real world fades from view and you're suddenly decades away in a Left Bank cellar or a Manhattan cabaret. Addictive and compulsive.

Check out a recent performance of my current favourite of the four cuts, Chick Webb's 'When I Get Low I Get High':

The single's out on Butterfly Records of Barcelona (you do have to search the site to find it).

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