Monday, 21 February 2011

Phil Gammage’s Kneel To The Rising Sun Album re-released in deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition

PreFab International Productions is pleased to announce the re-release of Phil Gammage’s critically acclaimed album Kneel To The Rising Sun. The album was the second of Gammage’s four solo albums recorded in the 90’s. Originally released in 1991 on France’s legendary indie rock label New Rose, the record spotlights some of Gammage’s best compositions and performances.

Gammage’s vocals and guitar work are excellent throughout. His guitar playing shows an element of tasteful refinement and restraint not found in his extensive work with the New York rock band Certain General. The songs share elements of blues and folk with strong melodies and lyrics.

Kicking off the album is “Shed My Skin” a catchy song about renewal and personal rebirth. Other standouts are “Season of Rage”, “Through My Window”, and the Fred Neil classic “Everybody’s Talking At Me”. The band’s musicianship overall is stellar and features some of the best New York based players from that era. Marc Jeffrey (Band of Outsiders, Playtime) contributes guitar and slide guitar, Vinny DeNunzio (Feelies, Richard Hell, Health and Happiness Show) plays percussion and harmonica, Dave Kaufman (The Nails) is on keyboards, D. Lee (Band of Outsiders) is on bass, and Phil’s band mate from the Corvairs, Martin Blazy joins in to play percussion and drums.

The 2011 reissue features two previously unreleased bonus tracks. “Johnny Guitar” is the collaboration with Spanish chanteuse Patricia Navarro and the music is pure Gammage. “Yes It’s Me” is from a recording session shortly after the Kneel sessions and fits beautifully with the rest of the collection.

This album was a minor hit in France upon its original release in ‘91 but never saw a proper American issue. Overall it is a dynamite collection of songs from a long overlooked and underappreciated songwriter and musician.

Available for digital download through most digital distributors (iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby)

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