Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Bermondsey Joyriders at the 100 Club

Thursday’s gig at the 100 Club was a cracker. I’d been wanting to see The Bermondsey Joyriders for some time now, especially since I heard their eponymous album. Gary Lammin is a shockingly good guitarist and all-round good bloke, and he and his two bandmates, Keith Boyce and Martin Stacey (ex-Chelsea, co-writer of ‘Right To Work’) more or less played the whole album. Add to which they were joined on stage by John Sinclair (Gary’s been playing with him recently and they have a mutual appreciation society going) for ‘The Screamers’ off his Full Circle collection.

Gary’s previous includes Cock Sparrer and he’s redone their ‘Runnin’ Riot’ for the album, plus there’s a kind of tribute to Johnny Thunders in ‘Part Of My Problem’ which joyously quotes the Dolls. Spotted in the audience was Charlie Murray who’s described Gary as a ‘cross between Ian Dury and Son House’. That’s pretty much how it is, and certainly the appearance of various Millwall faces on stage during ‘Who Are Ya?’ testified to the South London roots of it all. Plus it was cool to see punks back in the 100 Club and have Spizz playing some tunes.

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