Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I Phil Therefore I Am: A Tribute To Phil Ochs

Wednesday 16th September

Various Artists play a PHIL OCHS tribute night, with SUZY ALMOND + AJ DEHANY + GLASSGLUE + HUNGRY DOG + ELLEN MARY McGEE + VINCE McCANN + ONIONS + former Ochs guitarist BOB RAFKIN + STILL INNOCENT + EMMA TRICCA + others £6

Dogfishtrombone presents

I Phil Therefore I Am: A Tribute To Phil Ochs

Dogfishtrombone and 12 Bar Club are delighted to present a night entirely independent of the corporate promotions occurring elsewhere in this city. Instead of paying £20+ to drag around from venue to venue in the hope of catching a “buzz” act, you can settle in for a night here and see a fantastic range of artists paying tribute to one of the great protest singers and artistic activists of our time, Phil Ochs, who, although he never saw his 36th birthday, wrote hundreds of songs, many of them covered by more mainstream artists, and inspired hundreds of other artists and thousands of fans.

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